How To Get Paid $4,000+ P/M To Manage Google Ads For Clients.

AND Get Them Consistent Results With My Proven SOPs.

Don't Take Our Word For It Though

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One: Finding, Attracting and Closing New Clients

  • Where to find clients who can afford to pay you $4,000 per month in management fees.
  • What to do when you don’t have results or testimonials yet. The easiest workaround I’ve found to date.
  • How to use Facebook ads to generate leads and clients.
  • Why Google Ads is the perfect “no brainer” upsell for any design or SEO agency.
  • How to position your services to them.
  • How many clients you actually need to hit 7 figures. Hint: it’s far smaller than you think!
  • How to setup contracts so you can take a % of sales (secret to stop trading time for money) You get access to my proven sales script. I use this on every sales call!

Two: Running Successful Google Ads

Why Google Ads Fail

Most ads fail because of “traffic traps”. These will sneakily eat into your account budget. I show you how to avoid them.

Calculating Success

What numbers do you need to have a successful campaign? I provide a simple “plug and play” spreadsheet. Use it for any niche. Know exactly what CPC’s and conversion rates you need to hit. For every campaign.

Landing Pages

I show you my exact process for building a site that converts. Follow my checklist and you can fully capitalize on existing (and new) traffic.

Conversion Tracking

Discover how to quickly maximise the winners and eliminate the losing areas of your campaign. The true secret to scaling your campaigns, fast.

Keyword Research

How to steal your competitors most profitable keywords. Find out what is already working in any niche in 10 minutes. So you can start mimicking it.

Campaign Setup

How to structure your campaigns. Start to finish guide. Look over my shoulder as we set one up together.

Campaign Optimisation

Reduce your wasted spend in the first 30 days by finding and eliminating unprofitable areas and waste.

Advanced Strategies

Advanced strategies for optimising clients campaigns. Including automated bidding strategies and dynamic ads


Bring hot prospects back with retargeting. This alone can turn an unprofitable campaign green.

Three: Leverage

  • My template for turning your results into powerful case studies. Gain the confidence to command even higher fees.
  • Where to distribute your new case study. So you can get clients coming to you. On autopilot. Ready to buy your services without resistance.


Here’s What You’ll Receive When
You Buy Google Ads Masters Today:

  • 40 videos that show you how to run and optimize Google Ads. From finish. Consider these your new SOPs!
  • 5 Modules that show you how to find, attract and close high-paying clients
  • 2 Modules on team management. So you can outsource the work to others. How to hand my SOP’s off to the team members.
  • Case Study Template. Turn your new results into a sales asset.
  • My “bulletproof” sales script for closing prospects. I use this every time I get a lead on the phone
  • Bonus 1 Plug and play spreadsheet. See if your Google Ads are going to be profitable for any chosen industry.
  • Bonus 2 The PPC questionnaire we give to every client at the start of each engagement. Your pages will practically write themselves. No need to hire expensive copywriters!
  • Bonus 3 Dynamic Keyword Insertion for WordPress – Improve click conversion rate by maximising landing page relevace.

All you have to do is hit the Enroll Now button below. To get all of this right now.

I wish I had this playbook when I started my agency. Would have saved me years of chasing my tail.

Getting clients

Getting them results

I’m able to charge such high fees because I get results.

Like A..

B higher than industry standard.

X who I achieved Y for ..