Dynamic Keyword Insertion for WordPress


Benefits of our plugin:

  • Save hours of effort developing and maintaining 100s of landing pages.
  • Achieve perfect 10/10 quality scores and reduce your cost per click.
  • Improve click conversion rate by maximising landing page relevance.

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Plugin Features

Unlimited Landing Pages

Create 1000s of permutations of your page copy while only using a single landing page only

Perfect Quality Scores

Achieve 10/10 quality scores by sending your ad clicks to hyper relevant landing pages with optimised copy and page titles.

Dynamic Locations

Insert the exact geo location of your visitors using the Geo Location variable passed directly from Google to your website.

Dynamic Images

Dynamically switch your page images to match the exact keywords your customers are using to click on your ads.

Keyword Groups

Create groups of keywords and change multiple sections of the page simply by changing your single primary keyword.

Persistent Keywords

Set keywords as persistent allowing you to use those keywords througout your website and create dynamic content even when values aren't set in the URL.


Capitalize your inserted keywords with title, sentence and upper capitalization options.

Customers Love DKI

Video Tutorials

1. Installing DKI

2. Inserting Keywords Manually (via URL)

3. Use Dynamic Image Insertion with DKI

4. Sitewide Persistent Keywords

5. Inserting The Visitors Real Location Dynamically

6. Updating the Location CSV Manually

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DKI work with my page builder?

Yes! DKI works with all major page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, Thrive Themes, Beaver Builder and many more. However, it is important you use a display widget that allows shortcodes. Some text widgets do not allow shortcodes and we suggest switching to a WYSIWIG widget to resolve any concerns.

How long does my license work?

All DKI licences include 12 months of support and plugin updates. At the end of 12 months your plugin will expire however all functionality will remain. You can choose to purchase another 12 month licence with continued support and updates or remain with your current functionality.


Tired of building 100’s of landing pages for your AdWords & digital marketing Campaigns?  Want perfect 10/10 quality scores in Google Adwords?

Dynamic Keyword Insertion for WordPress inserts your target keywords into your WordPress landing pages using variables specified through your URLs. Save yourself hours of effort building and maintaining landing pages by combining them into a single, easy to maintain page using our dynamic keyword insertion technique.

What can you do with this plugin:

  • Insert AdWords keywords to dynamically update the copy and keywords on your landing page.
  • Specify your own keywords to dynamically update the copy and keywords on your landing page.
  • Specify multiple custom variables & dynamically insert them into your copy
  • Specify a default keyword if no keywords are found.
  • Update the Page Title to include your target keyword.

{keyword} is an AdWords parameter which passes on the search term to your landing page, is grabbed and inserted by our Dynamic Keyword Insertion for WordPress

How to use it:

Simple create a landing page and embed our shortcode with the appropriate parameters to produce to the desired output from your specified URL.

  • Basic Usage – [dki] – http://domainname.com/?keyword={keyword} or keyword=mykeyword
  • Default Keyword – [dki default="default keyword"] – http://domainname.com/
  • Custom Variable – [dki custom=”city”] – http://domainname.com/?city=new york
  • Capitalize Output – [dki capitilize=”yes”] – http://domainname.com/?city=new york – output is “New York”
  • Change Page Title – [dki] – http://domainname.com/?city=new york&title=page title

Version: 1.3
– added upload csv feature
Version: 1.2.9
– fixed cookie for sitewide issue
Version: 1.2.8
– fixed geolocation headings
Version: 1.2.7
– added table for geolocation
– added shortcode_id column
– Fixed CURL issue
– Fixed wpseo_title for Divi themes
– Added “default” parameter for dki_geo_loc shortcode
– Display default if keyword is not set or no value in the url
– Fixed session issues
– Removed whitespaces at the bottom of functions.php file
Version: 1.2.6
– Updated the video tutorials
Version: 1.2.5
– Added GeoLocations look up with {loc_physical_ms}
– Changed the Keywords functionality to behave like image containers
Version: 1.2.4
– Added more capitalization options (title,sentence,upper)
Version: 1.2.3
– Fixed default value with the dki sub keyword id
Version: 1.2.2
– Added keyword control panel
– Added warning/notice for expired license
– Allowed apostrophe from the url
– Added default image container
– Updated security for xss
– Corrected ‘capitalize’ spelling in help page
– Added anchor tag
– Added tel: link
– Added sitewide shordcode
– Fixed displaying of default keyword
– Fixed maxlength error
– Changed old array syntax
Version: 1.2.1
– Fixed yoast sitemap bug
Version: 1.2
– Implemented license activation
– Implemented keyword max length of 15 characters
– Added error logging system and diagnostics
Version: 1.1
– Added image containers for dynamic images
Version: 1.0
– The first version of the plugin